Best Air Conditioners in India – Compare & Review

Best Air Conditioners Premium Brands In India.


  • Hitachi Ac
  • Daikin Ac
  • Mitsubishi (Heavy and Electric) AC
  • O General Ac
  • Blue Star Ac

Best Air Conditioners in India – These are premium brands in India and all are out of Indian brands(air conditioners(air conditioners). Ac Company in many brands in India which is best.

People always buy to see other homes the same company Ac but they do not know about her features or rang. Godrej AC, Whirlpool AC, Carrier AC, LG AC, Samsung AC, Voltas AC, Toshiba, and Panasonic. According to the environment of India, all these companies are the best.

Best Air Conditioners -Best Air Conditioners in India

please, first you can find your area calculation of the size that you need before looking at the best models.

Best Air Conditioners in India
Best Air Conditioners in India

best air conditioners – you can see on the page which is your size after you buy the best Ac, so now easy to find.



Chose your best brand.

1) Carrier Breeze Inverter – 5 Star  – Best 1.5 ton. -Best Air Conditioners in India

Best Air Conditioners in India
Best Air Conditioners in India


best air conditioners – People first think only three things: 1. AC coldly do 2. The electricity bill came down and 3. It should be durable Out of these. Most people think and search. Which is good for you.

Due to excessive heat in recent years air conditioners Need everyone. According to recent reports, the government is also working on this project, which will save electricity and people will get the air conditioner.

It is 1.5 ton Ac and the rating is 5 stars. and room size is 100-150/sq ft, energy-saving up to 25% to 40%, auto start no need to manually reset settings post power cut, easy maintenance energy efficient, Best cooling for the room, hall, office, etc. and most features are three different operating powers -50%,75%, and 100. you can adjust it as per your needs.

the auto-restart and auto-off timer it ensures smooth and better performance.hidden display show temperature. one year warranty unit,10 years on compressor, 2-year ODU print circuit board.

Top Features

  • PM. 2.5 filter and air purifier
  • high energy save
  • stabilizer free operation
  • auto cleaner
  • 100% copper
  • a premium brand( Carrier )
  • best air conditioners

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2) Hitachi RSB318MBD (Smart iConnect) – Best Air Conditioners in India

Best Air Conditioners in India
Best Air Conditioners in India

Hitachi is most of the trust brand in India. This is the manufacturing of big products and many more. Always Hitachi launches new products in the world.

New products add in ac iconnect its connectivity of internet and controlled via any internet device. This ac is strong, and capacity is 5500 watts in 105 ton and consumes 1485 watts.

In this Ac iSense technology and sensor is the auto-optimize performance when people are sleeping in the room.

This Ac is a save of electricity. Air Purifier is included in this AC. It is a non-inverter Ac.

100% copper in this model like any other Hitachi. Normally Ac in not Air Pureifires but Hitachi is taking Air purifier.

so air is purification after coming into the room.

Top Features.

  • The price is reasonable.
  • save energy more.
  • batter Cooling.
  • Controlled by smartphone.
  • iSense Technology takes good comfortable.
  • batter sleep response at night.
  • best air conditioners


  • missing Auto Clean filter.


  • Cooling Capacity 5500 watts.
  • power expenditure 1485 watts.
  • 100% copper.
  • yearly power expenditure of 1150 units ( source ).

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3)Daikin – Best Electricity Save in 1.5 ton Ac -Best Air Conditioners in India

Best Air Conditioners in India
Best Air Conditioners in India

3 Star in Energy save like Daikin Ac, Daikin is the second Brand of premium and which making batter Air Conditioners and save energy.

Daikin is 1.5 ton and takes normally cooling capacity 5280 watts and power expenditure 1290 watts. In this lot of features and 100% copper, stabilizer free, Silent operate quick cooling and sleep mode at night and take batter cooling. The best price in the market this Ac. if you high use so we recommend this Ac.

Top Features.

  • Energy Save high.
  • batter cooling all around.
  • sleep mode.
  • night in saving energy.
  • easy using remote.


  • Air Filters is not in this ac.


  • Cooling Capacity 5280
  • Power expenditure 1290.
  • version 5.33.r32.
  • 100% Copper.
  • Yearly Power expenditure of 767 units.

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4) Voltas SAC 173IY 1.4 ton Split AC -Best Of Review – Best Air Conditioners in India

Best Air Conditioners in India
Best Air Conditioners in India

if you want to save power you just buy voltas Ac takes greate power and more utilities. Voltas is a tata product. always night and day sleep mode is automatically fine-tuned and room temperature is taking batter. Voltas In LCD Remote control uses.

the voltas 1.5 ton Air Conditioner. All are feature is run only Automatically, AUTO start, auto clean, auto temperature setup and much more. Voltas are providing 5050 watts cooling capacity 1430 watts power expenditure. And 5 years of warranty with a compressor 1- year air conditioning unit. Voltas are the best brands of Indian another brand.

Top Goods.

  • save more energy
  • sleep mode automatically active
  • advance filter cleaner
  • yearly save power 1050 units.
  • best air conditioners


  • costly for the medium person


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5) Carrier Ester Inverter  – Best 1 ton Ac – Best Air Conditioners in India

Best Air Conditioners in India
Best Air Conditioners in India

Carrier Ac is a 1-ton model and best in terms of performance this cooling capacity of 3550 watts in 1 ton. 5 star rated air conditioner with of and power expenditure of 995 watts.

But as this inverter in the air conditioner, Its power expenditure based on the need of the room. 100% copper and which makes it quite durable. The operating temperature of 55 degrees and stabilizer free operation. All are featuring is good Ac is that with all things good.

This good Ac with High efficiency, durability & cooling and doesn’t cost a lot.


Pros: 100% copper, Stabilizer free operation, high energy saving.

Cons:  auto clean filter,


  • Yearly Power expenditure of 594 units.
  • the cooling capacity of 3550 watts.
  • Nominal expenditure of 995 watts.
  • 100% copper isser.4.62, R32.
  • best air conditioners


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best air conditioners mean all are features is good. Like, price, tons, cooling, capacity, power saving, and many more. So we recommend the top 5 Air conditioners in India.


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